Cavity Cleaning

Why Might I need my cavity wall insulation removed?

When the material is correctly installed, and the property maintained, cavity wall insulation will help to keep your home warm, and energy bills down saving on average, a 33% loss of heat.

However, Cavity wall insulation can cause penetrating damp, mould and condensation when:

    1. The cavity wall insulation was installed incorrectly.
    2. The insulation has begun to break down or was not designed to be installed in your homes area.
    3. The cavity was not inspected effectively before the insulation was installed. Rubble and Debris may have blocked the cavity wall insulation from completely filling your walls, leading to voids within the insulation and bridging of the cavity. This debris could even be building waste, left in the cavity’s when your home was built!
    4. The structure of your home was not designed for cavity wall insulation.
    5. You have damage walls, including cracks in brickwork or render.

If this is the case, bridging of the cavity can cause wind driven rain and ground water to penetrate across the cavity’s and onto your inner walls. Voids within existing insulation may also lead to inconsistencies across the surface of your walls, causing condensation to form. If the insulation in your cavity walls becomes wet, this can act as a sponge and soak up water, tracking across to the inner walls of your home. It may take a few years for you to notice any issues, however, it is an issue which needs to be addressed before it becomes starts to affect the inside of your home.

If you think the existing cavity wall insulation is may be damaging your home, or your not sure what is causing mould and condensation issues on your external walls, we can help.

  • Warmcare offer a Free no obligation survey across the South West.
  • We advise you on any problems we find, and how they can be solved.
  • Take photos inside your cavity walls, to show you any issues we find.
  • We can inspect all aspects of insulation during the survey.
  • We remove all existing cavity wall insulation and debris from the cavity walls.
  • Re fill the cavities with EPS bonded bead insulation.

How We remove cavity Wall insulation.

  • We undertake a survey of the property, including the condition of the current cavity wall insulation, internal and external walls and any areas suffering from damp or condensation.
  • We explain to you what is causing the issue, and how we can solve it. At Warmcare, we pride ourselves on not wasting anyone’s time or money and will advise you based on the evidence we have found. If it’s a problem we can’t solve, we will put you in touch with a local company who may specialise in the works needed to solve your problem.
  • We provide a competitive quote to remove existing cavity wall insulation. This quotation will also include the cost of removing all rubble and debris from the cavity walls, unlike our competitors and any remedial works necessary to keep your home damp free.
  • We prepare the site and can organise scaffolding if necessary.
  • We create openings in the walls where needed to extract all insulation, rubble and debris from your cavity walls.
  • We extract this, using large industrial vacuum’s. We do not use extraction machines. From experience, these will not always remove all insulation, and will not remove any rubble, where as our tried and tested method will.
  • We inspect the cavity walls to ensure all existing insulation and rubble is removed. Holes are then Bricked back up, with the original bricks, and rendered where necessary to match in with the existing texture of your home.
  • All holes are painted to as close a match as possible.
  • The site is cleared and cleaned on a daily basis, to ensure minimal disruption to you day to day routine.
  • A final inspection of you property is undertaken, where photos inside the cavity walls will be taken. If and when you decide to re fill the cavity walls with the Warmfill Bonded bead system, we can apply for a CIGA 25-year Guarantee using these photos.
  • Cavities are left to dry for a short period of time before reinstallation of the EPS bonded bead system can take place.

Providing the correct material is installed inside of clear cavity walls, and your property is well maintained, cavity wall insulation will reduce your energy bills whilst keeping your home warm. Once your cavity walls have been cleaned using our unique, 10 year, tried and tested method, we can install Guaranteed cavity wall insulation to your home.

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